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CDK Telecommunications has over 40 years experience in the Telecommunications Industry.

We specialise in helping our clients solve Telecommunications related problems, assist in the organisation and execution of Telco services and help make choosing a Telco provider and related services easy and cost effective for our clients.

Head-officed in Melbourne, CDK delivers full support to our clients for all their Telephone Systems,  Data Networks, Mobiles, Internet and Cloud based services.

On average we save out clients 30 - 40% off their telco services

Without Telecommunications and Data services all business would grind to a halt, it is an extremely important business decision that many organisations put limited time and effort into.

Businesses predominately choose an existing provider or one that is not necessarily the right fit because it is the easy option and the perception is that no one ever gets in trouble for choosing the major providers.........sadly, that is not the case and we see many businesses floundering when they choose the larger historical major carriers.

In our 40+ years in the industry, we have never seen the Australian telecommunication sector this dynamic and full of opportunities and risks for businesses.

By getting CDK on your side we will ensure that you have the correct technology for your business as well as the best possible price. 

We understand the industry jargon

Building on the mix of skill sets and strengths of the company principals, CDK delivers to our clients true independent advice, assistance and technical support amidst the historical and on-going rationalisation of the telecommunications sector in Australia with the ISDN network shut-down and and the continuing roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) by the Federal Government.

We can cut through all the industry talk and scare tactics to help you find your best solution.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat about how CDK can assist your business!

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