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Are you getting the correct information?

Many of our clients are currently being aggressively contacted by the existing incumbent old monopolistic carriers attempting to get them to panic with the upcoming shut down of the Australian ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) due to the continuing deployment and roll-out of the Federal Government National Broadband Network (NBN).

We have seen dates as early as the end of March being cited by some carriers to try and panic businesses in to moving.

As the NBN continues to roll out across the country, what should businesses be doing in preparation for the switch?

The facts are:

- 30th September 2019 - Disconnection will commence for existing ISDN connections

- By 2022 - All ISDN connections will be disconnected, and full network will be decommissioned.

While businesses using these products can expect plenty of early warning leading up to the exit, the clock is ticking for companies relying on ISDN to find an alternative solution.

Thankfully, a solution exists and it's cheaper and more efficient than ISDN.

SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol is the future of business voice.

A SIP Trunk is the digital equivalent of a traditional phone line.

A SIP Trunk needs to connect to a PBX – a device that provides the brains behind the phone system that enables multiple users to share lines.

Businesses will need to decide whether to host the PBX in the cloud or on premises.

As an official nbnTM Business Accredited Adviser, CDK Telecommunications work with our clients to dramatically simplify this process.

Our advice is to investigate replacing ISDN lines when the premises becomes NBN-ready, and at the same time as migrating their analogue PSTN lines to NBN.

This will ensure your business is ahead of the pack and you do not get caught in any traffic jams of businesses that leave their transition until the last minute.

It also minimises the chance of disruption or downtime to your business.

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